Call of Duty Patch 1.5

Adds multiplayer map and bug fixes to popular Call of Duty game for PC

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    Patch 1.5

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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Call of Duty Patch 1.5
Call of Duty 2014

Call Of Duty is a combat game in the first-person view that can be played either alone or with others online.

In the game, you're in the center of the action since it's a first-person viewpoint. The combat takes place in World War II. Details in the game are quite stunning as it's supposed to make you feel like your actually on the battlefield. There are bunkers to hide behind and bullets that fly past you, barely missing their target. The simulation of the game is extraordinary. However, in terms of an actual game that you might play with other people, it can be a bit overwhelming. Some of the sounds are out of date and could vastly be improved upon as well as some of the graphics, but it's still a game that commands attention.

There are several options during the game of what you can do with your teammates. You could run ahead of them and try to defeat as many people on your own as possible, but this usually isn't the best option. You're going to want to utilize the assistance of all of the people on your team if you want to get ahead in the game and if you want to defeat the enemy. There are areas where you can hide and explore for future purposes, or you can find a location where you can act as a sniper. The game does feature a few objectives that you need to accomplish if you want to unlock more locations and weapons. Sometimes, the computer opponent doesn't seem to understand the aspects of the game and will take charge against you and other players in a relentless fashion. A map is located at the bottom of the screen, and there is a user-friendly menu that gives details about challenges to complete and those that have been completed.


  • Realistic war action
  • Sounds trap you in the game
  • Numerous playing modes


  • Needs a few graphic updates
  • Computer tends to be too strong at times

Call of Duty is a first-person shooting game that reenacts events from World War II. The game is intended to make the player feel as though the player is on the front lines of an intense battle. Call of Duty works great as a World War II simulation, but the game's overall design feels a little bit shallow.

This game was made using the Quake 3: Team Arena Engine. The game's visuals looked spectacular in 2003. Call of Duty looks dated by modern gaming standards, but the game play is still great. Fans of the newer Call of Duty games may be unfamiliar with the series' modest origins. The first three Call of Duty games were set in World War II. Call of Duty allows the player to take control of three different heroes in separate campaigns.

This game's developers made a special effort to make players feel as though they are part of a team of soldiers. The player's squad mates assist in combat and provide helpful dialogue. The player can run ahead of teammates, but it is usually a better idea to fight alongside them. This game's environments are detailed and fun to explore. Many areas in this game are designed to allow the player to use cover or snipe. Call of Duty has authentic World War II weapons. The player can pick up weapons and ammo on the map.

Almost every level in Call of Duty has unique objectives that require creativity on the player's part. The player may need to flank enemies from either sides or use grenades to create a diversion. Sniping is also important in Call of Duty. The sniper rifle seems to be the most powerful weapon in this game because the enemies have no defense against it. Call of Duty's artificial intelligence is mediocre. Enemies often seem to shoot at the player relentlessly. They rarely show any sign that they are calibrating their actions to respond to your attacks. The artificial intelligence in this game seems weak in comparison to similar games like Medal of Honor.

Call of Duty has a beautiful orchestral score. The game's presentation is great. The heads-up display features a very useful compass that pinpoints mission objectives. The game's dated visuals do not detract from the feeling that Call of Duty plays like an authentic World War II shooting game. The game's battles often last prolonged amounts of time. Enemies in this game are relentless. Completing this game on its hardest setting is nearly impossible. Call of Duty is an excellent World War II shooting game, but there are a million games like this on the market.


  • This game's battlefields are intense, realistic and action packed.
  • Call of Duty's orchestral score sounds beautiful.
  • This game has three very different and thrilling campaign modes.


  • Fans of the newer Call of Duty games may find this game too simplistic.
  • This game's enemies have weak artificial intelligence.

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